We won a UserVoice Award!

On March 21st, at the UserVoice Summit 2013, we were the proud recipients of an award for the highest “kudos” rate of any company using UserVoice for customer support. We received a gorgeous ribbon that states: “First Place in giving a #@%! about their customers”.

As a product primarily focused on developers, high quality customer support is something we are very focused on. Many support requests we receive are unique to the developer sending them in, which is why every ticket is personally handled by one of our engineers who tailor a specific response. We believe customer support is the responsibility of the entire organization, and it is crucial for our developers to understand how our customers are using our product and what problems they’re having with it.

Our success depends on the success of developers building on our platform. Firebase is a unique product, which is why we’re more than happy to engage in a discussion about whether Firebase is suitable for your particular project, help you architect a great solution, as well as debug any issues you might face while using our product.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through one of many channels:

We look forward to providing you the level of support you expect and deserve for many years to come!