Firepad - Now with List Support!

It’s been two months since we launched Firepad, our open-source collaborative code and rich-text editor built on Firebase. Our mission has always been to empower devs with powerful collaborative editing features at their fingertips. Today we’re excited to announce two new features that make Firepad even more powerful.

List Support

Ordered and unordered lists have been the #1 feature request since we launched Firepad. They have been on our roadmap since the beginning, but there were a number of technical challenges to be solved before we could add them. I’m happy to report these challenges are behind us, and we now have rich support for ordered and unordered lists with arbitrary nesting. Take a look:

HTML Import

Until now, there was no easy way to get existing HTML content into Firepad. This often made it difficult to integrate Firepad into your application if you had existing content stored as HTML. With the advent of list support, we’ve also added HTML import functionality. Just use the firepad.setHtml() method on the API!

What’s Next?

We’re continuing to invest in improving Firepad’s rich-text features as well as evolving the docs and API to make sure that Firepad can be easily integrated into new and existing apps by developers of any skill level. We’d love to hear what you want to see next! Email us or open an issue on GitHub.