Follow Firebase at the First Ever AngularJS Conference: ng-conf!

Ever since we launched our Firebase bindings for AngularJS last March, we’ve been amazed by the Firebase and Angular apps we’ve seen from our community. This year, we’re incredibly excited to be a Platinum sponsor at the first ever Angular conference, starting this Thursday in Salt Lake City, Utah! We’re also happy to announce our new Angular + Firebase Quickstart Guide, which makes it even easier to get started with Angular and Firebase.

Firebase at ng-conf

If you won’t be at the conference, head over the ng-conf home page for a link to a livestream of all the talks. You can also follow @Firebase and #ngconf on Twitter for the latest updates. The ng-conf organizers have pulled together a great lineup of events. Here’s where you can find us at the conference:

  • Hear the latest on Firebase + Angular, including a special announcement: On Friday at 10:35am MST (GMT -7), I will be speaking about the powerful combination of Firebase and Angular, and how the two tools are changing the future of modern web apps. I’ll also be making an announcement about Firebase.

  • Ask questions at Firebase office hours: For those of you attending ng-conf, get your technical Firebase + Angular questions answered in person and share your apps with the Firebase team! We’re holding office hours on Friday 1/17 from 7:30 - 9am. Sign up in advance or drop in at the conference.

  • Firebase Sponsoring ng-party: We are the sponsor of the official ng-conf party on Thursday night (1/16). The party will feature performances from a comedian, an illusionist, an improv group, and there will be some delicious desserts.

Firebase + Angular Resources

  • Firebase + Angular Quickstart Guide: Our new quickstart guide provides all the resources you need to start building realtime apps with Firebase and Angular.

  • Firebase + Angular Starter Pack: To see all of our example apps built with Firebase and Angular, simply clone our Angular Starter Pack on GitHub. The examples are a great place to start playing with code and learning about the integration.

  • The Complete Angular Guide: If you’re new to Angular, we recommend ng-book, a comprehensive guide to AngularJS with a chapter on adding a Firebase backend to your app.

  • Firebase + Angular Google Group: Join our Firebase + Angular Google Group to ask technical questions or share your apps with the community.

James, Andrew, Sara and I are looking forward to seeing many of you at ng-conf!