Fireside Chat with SurveyLegend

Jasko, Robert, Bjarne, Kiarokh and Rick are the team behind SurveyLegend, a platform-independent online survey web application built on AngularJS and powered by Firebase.

SurveyLegend Team
SurveyLegend Team

Creators of SurveyLegend, from left to right: Robert Michalski, Jasko Mahmutovic, Bjarne Bülow, Rick Wahl, and down there Kiarokh Moattar.

What is SurveyLegend?

SurveyLegend is a company focused on reinventing online surveys. Our software enables users to create surveys with remarkable ease, both on tablets and computers. You don’t need to be a market research expert and you don’t have to deal with installing or updating any software programs. All you need is a browser and SurveyLegend’s web app.

What inspired you to build the web app?

We launched our new survey app in June 2014 to help anyone compile questions that need to be answered in an engaging way. We want to give individuals and companies the power to create mobile-friendly, gorgeous surveys comfortably - with a smile on their face. We feel no other solution in our industry has accomplished this.

With SurveyLegend you create great looking surveys on your computer or tablet wherever you are, customize the look of your survey, and display the results with eye-catching and insightful graphics - all as simple as drag and drop.

So far, the results and responses from our users have encouraged us to reinvent the market research industry through ease of use and a focus on interaction design and visuals.

How are you using Firebase at SurveyLegend?

Firebase is a great fit because of the realtime synchronization it provides. There are no conflicts, data which comes in later overwrites or merges with the old data seamlessly. Without Firebase, we would have to spend much more time solving synchronization issues, and optimizing and scaling our servers. Firebase enabled us to build our app more quickly and let us keep our development team small and focused on our core competence.

With Firebase, survey data is always available for respondents and their responses can always be submitted even if our servers go down. Firebase also powers our Live Analytics feature, which updates in realtime when a survey response is submitted so our users get instant feedback.

Firebase’s security rules make it easy to validate data, implement permissions and keep our users’ data safe. It saves us a lot of time and effort that would go into creating custom solutions.

What other technologies are you using?

On the server side, we use Linux machines running on DigitalOcean.
Export of survey data is written in PHP and more real-time tasks are using NodeJS and CouchDB. We have several Node servers which act as Firebase-workers. The workers save responses and make backups of survey-data to CouchDB in real-time as well as updating Live Analytics on Firebase.

On the client-side, we develop using AngularJS and AngularFire bindings and many other libraries: Sass, Grunt and Gulp for various build tasks. We plan on moving our apps and static assets to Firebase Hosting in the future to increase the availability of our app and reduce the dependency on our own servers.

What are some of the most interesting use cases of SurveyLegend you’ve seen so far?

We are proud to have users from all sectors: individuals, small local businesses, global companies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and other institutions.

We see high school students use our solution to create small yet powerful surveys, asking challenging questions on the topic of bullying. We also see global enterprises running internal employee surveys and external customer surveys. Every day new users join from all over the world to gather much needed feedback, leading to decisive insight into their questions. Whether it’s individuals or global companies using SurveyLegend, we treat them as Legends and are proud to empower them.

What’s next on your roadmap? Any upcoming features you can share?

We are working on two new features, Media Gallery and Custom Wallpaper. These features will not only help our users create more visually appealing surveys but will also help them create questions with images as answers.

Media Gallery is a question type guaranteed to help retail, design, and marketing companies with their choices in products, design and marketing. With the Media Gallery question type, you can ask a visual question, easily email it out or share it through social media, reaching thousands of people and leading to insightful choices for your design.

Our second feature in the pipeline is the ability to upload custom survey wallpapers. This is a feature that enables companies to further brand their survey using custom company colors or illustrations.

We have many more features on the way and we love getting feedback and feature requests, so don’t be shy about contacting us. We look forward to hearing from you!