[Video] Ember CLI + Firebase in 9 Minutes

The Ember CLI is a command line interface that provides a default project structure for your EmberJS application and makes it easy to develop according to Ember’s conventions. It is quickly becoming the default way to build Ember apps. After hearing about all of the new features for Ember CLI at EmberConf earlier this month, I was excited to try it out with the latest version of EmberFire, Firebase’s adapter for Ember Data.

If you’re new to Ember or the Ember CLI, this video will walk you through Ember’s core concepts and the basics of developing with the CLI. In 9 minutes you’ll learn how to build a chat application that uses EmberFire to persist data:

To learn more about using Firebase with Ember you can check out our EmberFire quickstart or step by step guide. I’d love to hear what you think of the screencast. Leave your feedback in the comments or find me on Twitter @SRobTweets.