Announcing Lower, Simpler Pricing

Firebase is growing faster every day, and since joining Google last year, we’ve gained access to world-class infrastructure and scale. Today, we’re announcing across-the-board price drops to lower the barrier to entry for Firebase, so developers everywhere can create extraordinary experiences for their users.

Here are the changes we’ve made:

Removing Concurrent Caps

We’ve heard from you that concurrents are confusing. So today, we’re eliminating the need to worry about them… they’re now unlimited for our Candle plan and above!

To prevent abuse, we’re limiting simultaneous connections to a single Firebase to 10,000 by default, which is generally enough for applications with at least 100,000 daily active users. We can scale far beyond that limit, and users can contact us to permanently raise the cap with 24 hours notice.

Doubling the Free Tier and $5 Custom Domains

Firebase is about giving people the tools to build extraordinary apps. Experimentation is core to what we stand for, and we believe people should be able to build non-trivial apps on Firebase for free.

Therefore, we are widening our free tier to:

  • 100 concurrent users (2x the previous 50)
  • 10 GB database bandwidth (2x the previous 5 GB)
  • 1 GB database storage (10x the previous 100 MB)

In addition, you can now add a custom domain to your free app for only $5/month, with our new Spark plan. No more need to upgrade to the Candle plan just to get a custom domain!

Increasing Paid Plan Resources up to 300%

Finally, we’re increasing the resource limits on all our paid plans. The Candle, Bonfire, Blaze, and Inferno plans are all seeing big increases in database bandwidth and storage, up to 3x. We’ve also lowered overage fees to increase flexibility as your app scales.

Here’s a full summary of the changes, and you can check out our new pricing page here:

It has been a pleasure building Firebase, and it’s humbling to see the great things you build with us. We’ve got some great new features coming soon, and are more excited than ever for the future.

Happy Coding!