Udacity launches Firebase Essentials For Android course

Udacity, an online education provider, just launched a new programming course called: Firebase Essentials For Android, which is designed to introduce you to using Firebase on Android. The course is available for free to all registered Udacity users.

Firebase Essentials For Android
Firebase Essentials For Android

During the course, you will create a collaborative, realtime shopping application for Android while learning Firebase-related topics like setting up listeners, authenticating users, structuring data, and creating security rules.

The course is split into five lessons and estimated to take 40-50 hours to complete. Each lesson consists of instructor videos, quizzes and one or more programming assignments. The first two lessons are available now, while lesson three is getting its final polishing. The final two lessons will be available in January.

The Firebase Essentials For Android course was created by Udacity in collaboration with the Firebase team at Google.

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