Seven MORE Sessions I Don't Want to Miss at Google I/O

Google I/O is rapidly sneaking up on us. I hope those of you attending have your bags packed by now, and those joining on the live stream have started marking the sessions you want to see. It’s quite a lineup.

Personally, I’m looking forward to all the new great Firebase content that we’re going to be sharing. I know Todd shared the five I/O sessions he was most looking forward to, but here’s a list of some of the sessions that you’ll find me at:

The Talks

What’s new in Firebase

I have been calling this our “Firebase keynote” internally. I’ve been following the rehearsals closely and it’s shaping up to be a great overview of everything new that we’re announcing for Firebase. It’ll also be your essential starting point for all things Firebase at I/O; go to this talk and you’ll have a good idea of what other sessions you might want to attend.

Fabric + Firebase: Building Momentum at Google

What is is like for a startup that joins Google? How do you maintain what made your startup unique, but also make optimal use of the resources available at Google? Will Google keep investing in Fabric and Firebase? And what on earth is Bring Your Pineapple To Work Day? Come to this talk and find out from the folks that started Fabric and Firebase, and the Googler who convinced them to join.

Rewarding for engagement

Building a great app is one thing. But convincing your users to keep using your app is another. Gus and Damien have great experience in this area, and together with some developers using Firebase in their app, they’ll show you one approach that was very successful. Then they’ll show you how to implement that very same approach yourself using Firebase.

Using Firebase to accelerate app growth

There are many ways to use Firebase to get more users on your app. Firebase’s product managers Jumana and Jon are the perfect teachers for this topic. I’ll be going to their great session to get a fresh overview of the Firebase features that help with growing your app’s user base.

Using Pirate Metrics to grow your user base

Ahoy matey! Who can resist a session about Firebase that’s centered around Pirates? I certainly can’t. I expect buccaneers, swashbucklers and pirate ships! Or, at the very least, an analytics-focused discussion on how to best acquire and retain users through best practices. It might be less pirate-y, but it’s easier to put into a business plan. AARRR….!

Single Codebase, Two Apps with Flutter and Firebase

Sure, maybe you’ve seen live-coding demos where we’ve built Android and iOS apps on top of Firebase before. But have you ever seen us do it with one codebase? Using Flutter makes it easy — and maybe even fun — to build cross-platform apps, and Emily and Emily will show you how in this session. I’m a sucker for live-coding talks and this is one that won’t disappoint.

Great app performance with Firebase

Having a smoothly running, well performing app is critical to ensuring your app’s success. With Firebase, this is easy to do, not only during development, but also in production. I’ve seen Nalin and Ali running around the hallways of the Googleplex all excited about the great things that they’ll be sharing in this session. So not only will it be an exciting session, but it’s done wonders for their metabolism!

Zero to App

And of course there’s one more talk that I won’t want to miss: Because missing your own I/O talk would be un-Googley. :-)

See you there

These are seven (well, okay, eight) Firebase sessions that I will definitely be attending. If you’re not at I/O or just missed them, you can find them on the Firebase YouTube channel at the end of each day!

See you at I/O!