Firebase featured in MightySignal’s report on fastest growing SDKs

MightySignal, a mobile intelligence startup based out of San Francisco, just published a new report examining the fastest growing Android SDKs of 2017. This fascinating report sheds light on which app development tools are taking off and what trends they signal for the year ahead. We’re humbled and excited to see that 8 out of the top 20 fastest growing SDKs are part of Firebase!

This positive reception from the community validates and fuels our commitment to helping developers succeed. It also motivates us to continue making Firebase even better. Over the past year, we’ve made numerous improvements to our SDKs, including the ones highlighted in MightySignal’s report.

MightySignal's 2017 report on the fastest growing SDKs
MightySignal's 2017 report on the fastest growing SDKs

Source: MightySignal’s 2017 report on the fastest growing SDKs

For example, Firebase Realtime Database is number three on MightySignal’s list, and it continues to be one of our most used and trusted products. We understand how important storing and syncing data is for your mobile business, and to further help you with this, we introduced another database product this year. If you’re a Realtime Database customer, we think you’ll love Cloud Firestore, our latest realtime, scalable NoSQL database that we built in collaboration with the Google Cloud Platform team. It allows you to sync and store data like Realtime Database, while also addressing its key limitations like data structuring, querying, and scaling. Cloud Firestore is available in beta today!

Another notable mention is Firebase Remote Config. Remote Config gives you the power to customize your app’s interface and behavior for different audiences so you can deliver personalized app experiences without requiring users to update their apps. Now, Remote Config can be used with Firebase Predictions’ dynamic user groups. This means you can change the look and feel of your app for users based on their predicted behavior (such as churn or in-app purchase). Wondering how this works? Learn how Halfbrick Studios grew their 7-day retention rate from 25% to 30% by combining Predictions with Remote Config.

And that’s not all that’s new with Remote Config! In the past, Remote Config allowed you to perform simple A/B testing, but now, we’ve gone ahead and added an entirely new experiment layer in Firebase that works wonderfully with Remote Config so you can set up, run, and measure sophisticated A/B tests.

We were also delighted to see that Firebase Auth and Firebase Crash Reporting are experiencing high growth as well, according to MightySignal’s findings. After welcoming the Fabric team to Firebase, we worked together to add new features to Auth (such as phone number authentication), which we unveiled in June. More recently, we launched a beta version of Firebase Crashlytics, a powerful realtime crash reporting tool that will help you track, prioritize, and fix issues that erode app stability. Firebase Crashlytics is now our primary crash reporter. If you want to learn more about how app stability can lead to growth in user engagement and retention, check out how Doodle used Crashlytics to grow user engagement by 42%.

MightySignal’s data on the fastest growing SDKs is available here. We’re very thankful to be part of the developer community and committed to helping you build better apps and grow your business. Stay tuned for more product updates next year and, in the meantime, happy building!