We built an iOS game with Firebase!

We built an iOS game with Firebase!

Firebase helps you create better games faster without needing to build and maintain a backend infrastructure. We are really excited to announce the availability of our demo application MechaHamster for iOS on the App Store. If you’re an Android user you can check out our prior release on the Google Play Store.

MechaHamster is built on our easy to install Unity SDK, and takes advantage of several powerful Firebase features, including:

  • Analytics: Track valuable player data, including how they’re interacting with your game, how much time they’re playing, how long they take to complete levels, how many in-app purchases they’re making and much more

Want to see how easy it was to plug Firebase into MechaHamster yourself? Check out the Unity project over at Github: https://github.com/google/mechahamster

We can’t wait to see what amazing iOS games you build with Firebase. To find out more about how Firebase can power up your games, grow your business and create better experiences for your players head to https://firebase.google.com/games/