Nothing spoils a great game for a user like a crash, and most of us have been there too: you’re just about to solve the puzzle, defeat the final boss, or cross the finish line, and then...crash.

For Tapps Games, a Brazilian game developer, it was particularly important that players had a stable and high performing gaming experience during one of the feature rollouts to their popular game, Vlogger Go Viral. With more than 11M monthly active users, the Tapps team didn’t have time to investigate every negative review manually — it would take days, leaving a considerable number of users waiting for resolution.

To solve this, Tapps Games enabled Firebase Crashlytics velocity alerts, which let them know right away when there was an increase in the severity of crashes occurring in the Vlogger Go Viral game. Crashlytics also helped them prioritize, identify and track the state and sequences of events that led to the crash using custom keys and custom logs. The Vlogger Go Viral team then used Remote Config to shut down the problem area in stages and used staged rollouts on the Google Play console to slowly release the new version to a subset of it’s players before moving ahead to a full rollout

Check out the full case study to find out how Tapps Games used Crashlytics and Remote Config to increase crash free user rate and improve ratings, and learn more ways Firebase can help you build and grow your game.