New Improvements to App Distribution since Beta Launch

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It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since we launched App Distribution to help you with your internal testing on Android and iOS! Based on all your valuable feedback, we’re excited to share a few updates we made to App Distribution since launch.

Making it easier to find your releases

Most customers automate their releases with App Distribution to quickly send their latest feature branch builds to their QA teams or release candidate builds to their company. This typically means distributing daily or even multiple times per day, which quickly becomes a long list of releases!

To help make this list more manageable, we added release search in the Firebase App Distribution console and tester apps. Now, it’s easy to search by version or release notes to find, manage, and test the exact release you’re looking to get feedback on.

GIF of App Distribution example
GIF of App Distribution example

In-app build alerts on iOS

In-app build alerts notify iOS testers when new builds are available to them, making it easier for testers to install the update right from your test app. In-app build alerts are powered through our lightweight open sourced SDK, which you can quickly integrate into your test app.

in-app build alert
in-app build alert

Faster download speeds

To increase download speeds for testers around the world using different devices and network connections, we made improvements to our backend systems that handle uploads and downloads. Now testers have a more reliable experience, with some testers experiencing up to 10 times faster downloads.

A light(er)weight fastlane plugin

We recently released version 2.0 of our fastlane plugin, a major rewrite that stripped away the Firebase CLI as a dependency and makes it easier for you to set up your CI. Now, using App Distribution with fastlane is as easy as running `fastlane add_plugin firebase_app_distribution` to get up and running.

Wrap up

All these improvements made to App Distribution wouldn’t be possible without the active Firebase community. With your help, we’ve been able to add more features to our fastlane plugin and it’s possible to use App Distribution in even more ways. Special shout outs to @gunes_dev, who wrote and maintains our Bitrise Step and @ziebawojtek for all of their contributions and support of the App Distribution GitHub Action.

Your feedback has helped shaped our product and our team loves hearing from developers in the #app-distributions Firebase Community Slack channel - come say hi!

There’s a lot more in the works with some exciting features launching soon; you can sign up for our Alpha Program to be eligible to try them out. For developers looking to get started with App Distribution, check out our docs.