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Welcome to the third edition of #FirebaserFriday!

We’re happy to introduce you to another member of the Firebase community, Caitlin Chen! Caitlin focuses on Firebase Test Lab and Console to help you build and test better apps with Firebase. She started out her journey with Firebase working as a software engineer on Crashlytics. Read on to find out more!

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Paulette McCroskey How did you get started with Firebase?

Caitlin Chen

I joined Crashlytics as a software engineer! I was working on Crashlytics, but I actually just recently transferred to Firebase Test Lab. I had not done mobile development before so it has been interesting to learn aspects of it through working on different Firebase teams at Google.

Paulette McCroskey Where did you first meet Sparky?

Caitlin Chen

I met Sparky when a sticker of them got placed on my desk :D. I did not keep that exact Sparky sticker… I’m not sure where it went if I am honest, but I do have a new Sparky sticker on my laptop!

Paulette McCroskey What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Caitlin Chen

I love good reality TV shows like Love Wagon, which is a Japanese Reality Dating + Travel show. I liked the show because the drama was edited more in a comedic fashion and that they often inserted some educational information of the places they traveled to. Felt like you saw more than just the typical reality TV drama and had some heartwarming stories that went beyond romance.

Paulette McCroskey What food do you like that other people might think is strange or unusual?

Caitlin Chen

I love sauced up pork blood rice cakes and pig ears. In Taiwan, pork blood rice cakes are a common street food item or small snack and marinated pig ears are also a popular appetizer. I grew up near Los Angeles where Asian food is plentiful so these things were easy to come across and helped me stay connected to my parents’ culture with food.

Paulette McCroskey Where can we find your work?

Caitlin Chen

You can find me on Twitter here.

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