#FirebaserFriday Malcolm Deck

Welcome to the fifth edition of #FirebaserFriday!

We’re happy to introduce you to another member of the Firebase community, Malcolm Deck! His favorite Firebase memory was when he got to meet the wonderful developer community at his first Google I/O. Tied for first place, he also enjoyed helping customers that were building out infrastructure to help keep their communities safe during the early days of the pandemic. Read on to get to know Malcolm!

An animated GIF of Malcolm Deck

Paulette McCroskey How did you get started with Firebase?

Malcolm Deck

When I first came to Google (way back in 2016), I worked on the 3rd Party Identity team. I worked on projects like the Google Sign-In SDKs and Google Account Linking. The project that I liked the best was the work I got to do on the Firebase Auth SDKs, so when that became its own team I opted in and never looked back!

Paulette McCroskey What’s your favorite Firebase memory?

Malcolm Deck

It would either have to be my first Google I/O, where I got to meet the wonderful developer community, or right at the beginning of the pandemic, where I got to help customers that were building out infrastructure to help keep their communities safe. It’s always meaningful to me to get to see what people are building with the tools that I work on!

Paulette McCroskey What are you listening to right now?

Malcolm Deck

I like to listen to movie and video game soundtracks while I work - they’re usually high energy without being distracting, and naturally oscillate in intensity. Lately, I’ve been really into the album Nes Jams by Shnabubula - it’s a combination of popular Nintendo Entertainment System tracks and jazz piano. It’s shockingly good.

Paulette McCroskey How do you de-stress after a long day of work?

Malcolm Deck

I play video games! I play CoD: Warzone with friends. I just started playing Frostpunk by myself as well. If anyone is looking for good game recommendations, I actually have a lot depending on what you’re looking to get out of the experience, even if you usually don’t play games. I also have been learning how to play chess, which has been a fun challenge.

Paulette McCroskey Where can we find your work?

Malcolm Deck

You can find me on YouTube here. You can also check out my Twitch.

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