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Come join us at ViteConf 2022!

Vite, StackBlitz, and Firebase make it so easy to build full-blown web apps faster than you could possibly think.
~ Eric Simons, CEO StackBlitz

We love Vite.

In fact, this page you’re reading right now? Yep. Built on Vite! This blog uses Astro as a Static Site Generator. And you can probably guess what Astro is built on. Vite!

Vite is a development environment that handles so many conveniences out of the box: instant reloading on changes, bundling of JavaScript modules, TypeScript support, and so much more. With Vite you can focus on what makes your app special instead of configuring build tools. Here at Firebase, we’re all about removing obstacles to development.

StackBlitz is hosting the first ever ViteConf

We were thrilled when we heard there was going to be the first ever Vite conference, ViteConf, and we had to be a part of the fun.

ViteConf is on October 11-12!

Amazing talks from amazing teams

ViteConf 2022 is a 100% virtual conference with tickets at no cost. There’s going to be plenty of amazing talks from some of the most exciting teams in the web tooling world.

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Vite Core Team
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Astro Core Team
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Nuxt Core Team
Nuxt 3
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Svelte Core Team
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Solid Core Team
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StackBlitz Core Team
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Hydrogen Core Team
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vite-ruby Creator
Vite Ruby
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Get your own ViteConf ticket

Plus! When you sign up you get this amazing ticket which you can deck out with the Firebase logo.

A ticket for ViteConf that features a picture of David East and the Firebase logo
A ticket for ViteConf that features a picture of David East and the Firebase logo

We have a lightning talk!

Learn about our new Vite integration

We’ve been working on making popular JavaScript tools easy to develop and deploy with Firebase Hosting. And yes! Vite is on that list. We’ll be talking a lot more in our lightning talk about what’s in store for that project. Come join in on the fun!

ViteConf LogoViteConf Logo

A full day of launches, learnings, and celebrations from the projects reimagining Web Development.