Firebase at Cloud Next '24

Prepare to unlock the full potential of Firebase and Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Next ‘24 is happening April 9th - 11th, and there are lots of Firebase sessions to catch!

Firebase joins other Google developer products like Android, Flutter, Kaggle, and Angular in Dev Connect, a brand new program at Next ‘24. Dev Connect highlights how Firebase and Google Cloud Platform work together to help you build and run modern AI-enabled apps that scale with ease with speed, quality and safety. Get hands-on workshops, expert sessions, an AI competition, dedicated networking and more — all designed for developers who want to learn more about using Google developer and Google Cloud technologies together.

Immerse yourself in Firebase and Google Cloud

Prepare to unlock the full potential of Firebase and Google Cloud. There’s a packed schedule overflowing with experiences tailored for developers. Here are a few of the Firebase-specific sessions we’re excited to tell you about!


Dive into topics like building and deploying apps, proven cloud development strategies, and inspiring success stories from real-world Google Cloud users.

  • AIML212: Power your enterprise Firebase App with the Gemini on Vertex extension
  • DEV219: Built for planetary scale. Extending your Firebase apps with Google Cloud AI
  • DEV245: Build real-world apps with Flutter, Firebase, and Gemini: A live coding exploration
  • DEV247: Live-coding a Flutter app with Firestore
  • DEV312: Introducing Google’s open source, cloud-optimized framework for building generative AI apps
  • DEV220: How Locket Labs scales their workloads: Leveraging generative AI apps with Firebase and Firestore
  • DEV221: Use Firebase for faster, easier mobile application development
  • DEV243: Build full stack applications using Firebase and Google Cloud
  • DEV107: Make your app super with Google Cloud and Firebase

This is just a sample of the many sessions available at Next. For a complete list, take a look at the session library.

Lightning talks

Get quick bursts of inspiration from real-world case studies and demos that showcase the power of Google Cloud.

Catch these exciting Firebase talks and more:

  • IHLT100: Adding AI capabilities to your mobile apps with Firestore Vector Search
  • IHLT217: Using Firebase for gamification on WhatsApp: A next-level DevRel strategy to measure impact
  • IHLT110: Power up your Android app: a guide to generative AI integration
  • IHLT112: Checks - Building safer and privacy compliant apps with AI

A full list of lightning talks is available in the session library.

Learn and network

But wait, there’s more…

Get ready for:

  • The developer keynote: Hear about announcements that will make you smile, and discover the latest ways to accelerate your work.
  • Community Hub: Visit Innovators Hive and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Google communities. AI, Android, Firebase, Flutter, Kaggle experts are waiting for you to engage in 1:1 conversations, show you exciting demos, present you with inspiring projects, and swap ideas about extending projects to Google Cloud.
  • Fun learning: Quizzes, demos, and developer badges you can earn as you learn.
  • Happy Hours & the Next ‘24 Party: Unwind, network, and socialize with Googlers, experts, and fellow devs.

Whether you’re a Firebase fan or an AI enthusiast ready to explore cloud technologies, attending Dev Connect at Google Cloud Next ‘24 is a great opportunity to accelerate your development journey. Learn how Firebase and Google Cloud are better together, experiment with the latest AI innovations, and connect with Google’s vibrant open-source communities.

Mark your calendars!

Google Cloud Next ‘24 kicks off on April 9th in Las Vegas.

Keep an eye on the Google Cloud blog for the latest on Dev Connect sessions, the Kaggle competition, and how to get the most out of this thrilling developer experience.

This is your chance to supercharge your development journey. Get ready to learn, connect, and be inspired – Dev Connect awaits! Reserve your seat in your favorite sessions today!

Check out the Google Cloud blog post about Dev Connect at Cloud Next ‘24 to learn more.