Firebase Leaves Beta Today

We first told the world about Firebase on April 12th, 2012.

We were blown away with the response: 35,000 unique visitors and 3,000 developer sign-ups in the first 24 hours.

The enthusiasm hasn’t waned over the past 16 months and this momentum has brought us to today’s big announcement. We’re taking the ‘beta’ label off and are officially launching Firebase!

This means two things: (1) Firebase is ready for large, mission-critical applications and (2) Firebase is now a paid product.

We operate at serious scale. Firebase is trusted by some of the biggest companies, and every day we see large, polished apps being launched on Firebase. Here are some highlights:

  • CBS uses Firebase to power the online social features for their Big Brother TV show.
  • Twitch.TV augments their streaming video platform with realtime notifications powered by Firebase.
  • LiveMinutes lets you collaboratively edit Evernote notes and recently raised $1.4M.
  • Atlassian uses Firebase to power pair programming for their repository management tool, Stash.
  • Roll20 is a tabletop RPG with over 200,000 users built entirely on Firebase.
  • Lexity, recently acquired by Yahoo, uses Firebase for core features.
  • Nitrous.IO is an online IDE that uses Firebase to power its live collaboration features and raised $1 million.

To ensure the long-term sustainability of Firebase, we’re now a paid product. We have a large free tier that is great for development and small production apps. Our paid tiers start at $49 / mo, and we have Enterprise pricing available for apps that need to scale to millions of concurrent users and terabytes of data. You can see our pricing here.

Thank you!

We want to thank you all for your help. Developer feedback is the reason the Firebase API is so concise and powerful. Your support requests, one-on-one feedback at hackathons, and honest critiques have helped us immensely. Please keep giving us your feedback.

Here are some of the highlights from our time in beta:

Our progress so far has been made with a small and talented team. Now that we’ve raised our Series A we’ll be expanding our team to better serve if you. If you’re an exceptional engineer, designer, or community manager you should join us!

The Future

We’re building the easiest-to-use platform for building rich, modern applications. We get up every morning because we’re passionate about helping developers create extraordinary experiences for their users, and we’re just getting started on this mission. You’ll see some great new features coming soon, including advanced querying, expanded platform support, offline disk persistence, and improved debugging and analytics tools.

Thank you again for your support. Keep building amazing things!