What's new in Firebase at I/O 2024

Introducing Vertex AI for Firebase

Introducing Firebase Genkit

Introducing Firebase Data Connect

Introducing Firebase App Hosting

Introducing Gemini in Firebase

Monitoring your latest app release just got easier

App Check comes to Google Identity for iOS!

VueFire is now stable

Exsssspanding Possibilities with Python 🐍

A Console Refresh with Flexibility for Night and Day

Cloud Functions for Firebase 2nd gen goes GA and adds support for Python

Introducing Firebase and Android Basics with Compose course

What's new at Google I/O 2023

Introducing COUNT, TTLs, and better scaling in Firestore

Fewer cold starts, more features in Cloud Functions

App Distribution graduates to General Availability

A new way to navigate Firebase!

Firebase Hosting now has origin servers in Europe and Asia

Automate your pre-release testing with the App Distribution REST API

Improvements to Crashlytics for Game Developers

The new Firebase JS SDK is now GA

New features in App Check beta

Accelerate Your App Development with Firebase Extensions

Firebase Experimental Extensions

A New Region and API for the Realtime Database

Dependency management improvements for iOS and Android

Improved version targeting in Remote Config

Use Firebase Auth on Devices without Google Play Services

Cloud Firestore now supports not equal queries

New improvements to Firestore Security Rules

Firebase Kotlin Extensions are out of Beta!

Firebase expands support for web with Google Analytics

Cloud Firestore Now Supports IN Queries!

Scheduling Cloud Functions for Firebase (cron)

ML Kit expands into NLP with Language Identification and Smart Reply

Firebase Hosting for Cloud Run

Incrementing Values Atomically with Cloud Firestore

Open sourcing the Firebase Android SDK

Multi-Tab Offline Support in Cloud Firestore!

One project, multiple sites! Plus a boost in upload speed!

More Cloud Firestore Improvements!

Introducing the Firebase Admin SDK for .NET

Better Arrays in Cloud Firestore!

Announcing Change History for Firebase Remote Config

Sort and Filter in the Firestore Console

Introducing ML Kit for Firebase

What’s new in Firebase Authentication?

Announcing the Remote Config REST API

Adding free usage to Blaze pricing plan

What's new with FCM? Customizing messages across platforms!

Updates to the Firebase console

Easier scaling with multi-database support!

Announcing Firebase Predictions Beta

Announcing Firebase Crashlytics Beta

Firebase Test Lab October 2017 Update

What's new with Firebase Dynamic Links?

Introducing Firebase Admin SDK for Go

Announcing our Experimental Linter Tool for Firebase on iOS

Introducing Conditional REST Requests

Making Dynamic Links Easier

Open sourcing the Firebase SDKs

Firebase Phone Auth

Increasing the Realtime Database concurrency limits

Bringing Firebase Admin To Python

Brand new course from Udacity and Google

Realtime Analytics For Everyone

Email Verification in Firebase Auth

Customize your Firebase Test Lab Robo tests

Firebase Crash Reporting Full Release

Get up and running on Firebase this weekend with Firebase in a Weekend

Announcing Firebase for Unity

HTTP/2 comes to Firebase Hosting

Introducing Firebase Test Lab for Android

Introducing Firebase Notifications

Introducing Firebase Dynamic Links

Introducing Firebase Authentication

Introducing Firebase App Indexing

Introducing Firebase Cloud Messaging

What's new in AngularFire 1.2

Keeping our Promises (and Callbacks)

A Host of Improvements

Introducing multi-location updates and more

Introducing Firebase Queue

New Features in EmberFire

Introducing AngularFire 1.0

[Video] Firebase at GCP Live

Firebase: Now with more querying!

Firebase is Joining Google!

Introducing Firebase Hosting

Announcing New Bindings for EmberJS

Announcing Firebase Bindings for EmberJS

GeoFire: Location Queries for Fun and Profit

Firebase Leaves Beta Today

Firebase Adds PhoneGap / Cordova Support

The New Firebase iOS SDK

npm install firebase

Our Beta is Now Open to All Developers

Developers, meet Firebase!