Brand new course from Udacity and Google

What separates apps that are good ideas from apps that are really great? Analytics! Successful app developers rely on analytics to determine how users are really interacting with their app. Analytics are at the core of Firebase, helping you make actionable decisions to build products that people love.

We partnered with Udacity to offer a free 2-day interactive course that will help you learn how to use Firebase Analytics to grow your userbase on iOS and Android. Specifically, you’ll see how to set goals and how to log users’ interactions with an app. You’ll even analyze real data from an app that’s live in the Google Play Store and in the App Store! And you’ll learn from people who live and breathe Firebase: experts Steve Ganem and Todd Kerpelman from Google, as well as Android and iOS developers from Google and Udacity.

The new course will include a combination of short videos, quizzes, code snippets, and a robust online community to help you learn. Check out the course on Android or iOS for free, and see all of our courses at