New features in App Check beta

Image of 6 illustrated people holding electronic devices
Image of 6 illustrated people holding electronic devices

A few months ago, at Google I/O, we announced the beta of App Check, Firebase’s new mobile and web API security solution. App Check is an additional layer of security that protects access to your services by attesting that incoming traffic is coming from your app, and blocking traffic that doesn’t have valid credentials. Right now, App Check is available for Cloud Storage, Realtime Database, and Cloud Functions for Firebase. In case you missed the launch, check out our introduction video to see how App Check works.

Today, we’re happy to announce three new features we’ve added to the App Check beta: support for App Attest on iOS, configurable time-to-live values (TTLs) for tokens, and support for protecting non-Firebase backends with App Check.

App Attest

We know how important security is, so we wanted to make sure we’re integrated with the latest app attestation providers for our main platforms, and that includes iOS. To that end, we’ve added support on iOS for App Attest, Apple’s app attestation technology that was recently featured at Apple’s WWDC conference.

App Attest can be used to assert that a request comes from a legitimate instance of your app that satisfies three conditions:

  • The request comes from a genuine Apple device.
  • The device is running your genuine application.
  • The payload has not been tampered with.

You can use App Attest as an App Check provider on any iOS device that supports it. On devices without App Attest support, you can continue to use DeviceCheck with App Check. See our developer guide to learn how to use App Check with App Attest on iOS.

Configurable TTLs

To give you the power to choose how you want to balance security and usability in your app, we’ve added the optional ability to set the TTL of App Check tokens. By using a short TTL, you optimize for increased security; on the other hand, a longer TTL can improve responsiveness and minimize quota usage. You can even customize the TTL individually per attestation provider. Configurable TTLs are supported when using App Attest, Device Check, SafetyNet, reCAPTCHA v3, and custom providers.

Protecting your own server with App Check

If you use your own backend services alongside Firebase, App Check can still help you! With our newest beta, you can protect your non-Firebase resources with App Check. This protection is currently possible on any backend service or service proxy that can run the Firebase Admin SDK for Node.js, including Cloud Run & GKE instances, and even bare metal servers.

If you already use App Check with RTDB, Storage or Functions, it is now really easy to extend App Check’s protections to your own server as well. It only takes a few lines of code on the client and on the backend to start protecting your resources today. Take a look at our guides for iOS, Android, and web to learn how.