Announcing the Firebase Crashlytics SDK Beta!

Stability is critical to your app’s success, so we’ve continued to enhance Firebase with tools to help you maintain high quality apps. This includes bringing the best of Fabric’s crash reporting tools to Firebase. Many of you have made the move from Fabric to Firebase yet still have questions like “Why do I still have ‘Fabric’ everywhere in my code?” or “Why does it feel like I am in Firebase, yet still in Fabric?”

We can now lay your questions to rest. We’re excited to announce Firebase Crashlytics SDK is in Beta!

With the Firebase Crashlytics SDK, you can remove all Fabric dependencies, such as references to Fabric’s APIs in your code, giving you a much cleaner codebase.

The Firebase Crashlytics SDK is also designed to be intuitive and consistent with all other Firebase SDKs. For example, the Crashlytics SDK has consistent package names, API design, and initialization as other Firebase SDKs.

The Crashlytics SDK also supports Mac Catalyst apps, in addition to iOS, macOS, and tvOS apps. This new feature makes it easier for you to continue building apps for Apple devices.

We’ve also open-sourced the Crashlytics SDK to further increase the extensibility and transparency of our platform.

Combining analytics data and crashes helps you unlock additional insights into your app’s stability. The Firebase Crashlytics SDK works seamlessly with the Google Analytics SDK to provide features such as crash-free statistics, the Latest Release report, and Breadcrumbs. With Breadcrumbs you can see the steps a user took that led to a crash. This insight helps you reproduce and fix issues quickly. Google Analytics replaces Fabric’s legacy analytics engine, Answers, so we encourage you to add Google Analytics to your apps.

Try it out!

Ready to begin developing with Firebase Crashlytics SDK? If you are upgrading from the legacy Fabric Crashlytics SDK, read our upgrade guide. Developers new to Crashlytics should begin with our getting started docs. Interested in the Crashlytics source code? View our Android and iOS repositories on GitHub.

We’d love to hear your feedback. As always, you can reach out to us through our official support page. Happy developing!