RTDB launches in Singapore

Firebase Realtime Database Launches in Singapore

In November, we added the first new location for the Realtime Database outside the United States, in Belgium. Today, we are adding Singapore as well. We encourage any Firebase developer with a large userbase in Asia to consider using this new location to reduce latency.

All new and existing Firebase developers can create databases in Singapore. Developers on our paid plan can create multiple databases, even mixing databases in multiple locations within a single project.

Belgium and Singapore are ready for production!

We’re also announcing that all three locations — the United States, Belgium, and Singapore — are Generally Available. They are ready for your production data today.

Log into the Firebase console to create a database in Singapore, or check out our documentation to learn how to use our APIs to provision databases programmatically.

We’re delighted that the Realtime Database now has locations around the world, and we can’t wait to see what you build.