Get up and running on Firebase this weekend with Firebase in a Weekend

Earlier this year, we introduced the expansion of Firebase: a unified app platform that provides developers a variety of tools and a scalable infrastructure to build high quality apps and grow successful businesses across Android, iOS and the Web. This blog post is not about the ‘what’ but more about the ‘how’. How do you implement Firebase into your app quickly and easily?

Today we are launching a complete end-to-end video training course called “Firebase in a Weekend”. Whether you develop Android or iOS apps, the training course helps you understand many of the core features of Firebase, learned by building an app from the ground up.

Join some of our favorite Firebase instructors as they walk you through building a functioning messaging app using:

  • Realtime database - Data is synchronized across all clients in realtime, and remains available when your app goes offline.
  • Auth and FirebaseUI Auth Library - Get users logged into your app quickly and protect their data.
  • Notifications - Lets you easily deliver notifications to your users without writing a line of code.
  • Remote Config - Gives you a collection of variables that you can change from the Firebase console in order to tune and customize your app on the fly to deliver the best experience to your users.
  • Analytics - Set up analytics to gather data the moment you publish.

We partnered with Udacity, the online learning platform, to give you a more personalized, in depth explanation of Firebase and its features. You can learn how to do it on either Android or iOS by watching short videos enhanced with code samples and assessments.

Check out the Android or iOS course online for no charge. Check out all of the courses at