Introducing Firebase App Indexing

Firebase App Indexing, formerly known as Google App Indexing, allows users to re-engage with their installed apps through a seamless integration with Google Search.

If your mobile app users search for related content on Google, they’ll be given the option to launch your app directly from the search results.

By using the Firebase App Indexing SDK to drive user engagement for your app, you can also help improve the ranking of your content in search and provide auto-completions based on your content to your users.

If users don’t have your app on their device, an installation card can show up in search results when they search for apps like yours.

Why use Firebase App Indexing?

Research has shown that the average U.S. mobile user has 36 apps, but doesn’t regularly use 75% of them. Firebase App Indexing is designed to help users rediscover their apps through surfacing important content within them. With more searches done on mobile devices than on desktops worldwide, and 40% of searches returning results for indexed apps, using Firebase App Indexing is a great opportunity for you to get your app in front of users that are interested in your content.

You can learn more about Firebase App Indexing, including how to get started on the Firebase Developers site.