New for Firebase Hosting: request logging, Brotli compression, and internationalization

We’re excited to announce several new features that make developing with Firebase Hosting even better!

New features!

Server-side analytics with Cloud Logging

Our new integration with Cloud Logging gives you access to web request logs for your Hosting sites. Cloud Logging, previously known as Stackdriver Logging, makes it easy to view, search, and filter logs. You can learn from where and when you have visits to your site, your site’s response statuses, the latency of end user requests, and more.

Report Logging
Report Logging

To get started, link your Firebase project to Cloud Logging in the Cloud Logging integration card in the Firebase console or visit the Hosting docs to learn more.

Better compression with Brotli

Hosting will now compress your assets with Brotli encoding. We’ll automatically serve the smallest, best-compressed version of your content, based on what your user’s client is able to handle.

Firebase Brotli
Firebase Brotli

Brotli compression gives you a boost in performance because assets are smaller, use less bandwidth, and are delivered more quickly to your end users. This means you’ll have lower bandwidth costs, while your end users will enjoy faster sites.

The best part? You’ll get this automatically the next time you deploy.

Easier internationalization

We know it’s important to you to provide a great experience for your users everywhere. Firebase Hosting now supports serving country and language specific content, backed by the power of our global CDN. Previously, the best strategy was to use Cloud Functions to look at the country and/or language code and reply with a redirect as necessary.

Firebase Hosting’s i18n rewrites allow developers to serve different content, depending on a user’s language preferences or country location. In your public directory, create an i18n directory containing separate folders for each language/country combination, then add the i18n field to your project’s firebase.json config. I18n rewrites also work for localized 404 pages. Learn more about using i18n rewrites in our documentation.

More is in store!

We hope you all are excited for these new features, but stay put because we have even more coming in the future!